If you’re here you probably want to understand if it’s worth starting to study a foreign language and mostly how to do so. Or probably you are already learning it but you just need a confirmation that you’re not wasting your time.  Believe me you are not!

Why study foreign languages?

If English is not your mother tongue you probably already know the answer: I have to learn it, that’s it. Period. But if you know English well or you are an English native speaker you don’t have an immediate answer to that. Nowadays English is almost spoken by everyone and the need of communicating with another language seems less and less important. It shouldn’t be, why? Because languages open another world, open your eyes to truly understand a culture and open your mind too. Languages hide a way of thinking and perceiving, a way of being. Learning languages can make you more empathic and more thoughtful, and furthermore it makes you look cool ????. Imagine being able to switch from English to Spanish and then to Norwegian and to Italian in just some minutes. Your brain screams help but your ego rejoices. More than this personal satisfaction there is the service to other
that you are able to give: people feel good and safer when someone can speak their own language and it will be easier to build trust with them. Also having skills in different languages gives a lot of opportunities to find jobs and travelling around the world. If you are interested in languages it’s almost certain that you are also interesting in live in new places and discover new things. Learning languages is not a waste of time, is a gain of knowledge, fun and satisfaction. It can be a long and painful process sometimes but it’s worth it, I assure you. Through this website you’ll be able as a language lover to discover new courses, platforms and books to help improve your learning skills, but even if your new in this fantastic world or if you just want to study a specific language you’ll find everything you need!


Why studying foreign languages – videos

Here two videos about why study languages. The first one is more about language university but it gives information also on a general level. The second one is a ted talk and it describes 4 reasons why we should learn languages.

Why study languages, University of Birmingham:

4 reasons to learn a new language, John McWhorter:

How to study foreign languages?

This is one of the hardest and easiest questions about languages. It depends on how you look at it. If your perspective is specific there are lot of things to take into consideration, otherwise if you want a general approach the answer is: open internet. That’s it. If you don’t want to study languages at school, or you think it’s too boring to sit in class just for 4 hours (or less) a week reading grammar and killing that one spark of motivation left, your only and best choice is to sit on the sofa and search on google the best apps, the best courses for learning a language and start working for real. Internet is really an amazing tool to use: there are websites, videos, pictures. You can find everything you need, but of course you need a strategy, and here it’s when the answer becomes harder: you need to exercise in all aspect of a language, you need to have a method and you need to organize and keep up the motivation. Right now, I don’t want to go into the details about all of these aspects, I just want to mention that it is not easy but it’s possible. My goal is to show you the tool you can use to be better at a new language but also how to use it. So do not stop now, search what resonate with you as best tool and best method and start your journey!

How to study foreign languages – Videos

I like videos and podcasts so you will probably find a lot of them on the website. This video is about some ways to study languages and improve them.

How to learn languages effectively, Matyáš Pilin:

Studying languages is worth it (for real)

Languages in my opinion are on the funniest and most interesting things to learn. Studying them can bring personal growth, satisfaction, job opportunities, knowledge. An advice is to never stop doing it. If it’s what you truly want, you have to continue to push, to work, to believe in yourself. Our world is full of opportunities, mostly if you have a computer or an ipad, or a phone in your hands. There are so many ways to learn a language, so many ways to enjoy doing that. I really hope I helped you realizing how beautiful it is to study a language and how easy but demanding it is to learn it for real.

Do not forget to check my website. You can find online courses, apps and platforms to start learning a language!

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